timeblock cosmetic package


timeblock® Cosmetic Package is a complete anti-ageing regime including all of our cosmetic products. Includes:

  • timeblock day emulsion (50ml)
  • timeblock night emulsion (50ml)
  • timeblock 4 weeks intensive care (50ml)

Direction : Apply to the face and eye contours in the evening after cleansing. Can also be applied to the neckline if desired. It is normal for your skin may feel slightly stretched on first application. It is a sign that the skin cells have started their renewal process.

Product Details

What Is It

The velvety timeblock® DAY Emulsion contains a sophisticated formula of selected ingredients to boost cell activity, together with high-performance super – antioxidants that protect the skin against environmental aggressors.

The transparent timeblock® NIGHT Fluid supports skin renewal and regeneration during the body’s natural regenerative phase when resting at night.

4 WEEKS is a high-performance solution that replaces timeblock® DAY and timeblock® NIGHT over a recommended period of four weeks.

Recommendation for Usage

After your morning/night cleansing ritual, apply a small  amount of timeblock® DAY/NIGHT to  your face, your eye zone and, if needed, your neckline. Massage in gently until fully absorbed. The light consistency allows the emulsion to soak in perfectly, leaving no residue on the skin.

timeblock® 4 WEEKS is recommended as a primary course of treatment for over-nourished, tired and stressed skin, to help it regain its natural regenerative ability.

Repeating the treatment at the start of spring/autumn prepares the skin perfectly for the challenges of the new season. We also recommend using 4 WEEKS after long periods of travel, such as business trips, or after exposing your skin to the stressful effects of the elements, such as a beach or a skiing holiday.

The perfect combination of timeblock® ingredients allows skin to regain its youthful firmness and radiance. Revitalized and toned, skin is left feeling velvety soft and supple.

Product Care

Store in a cool dry place.
Use within 6 months of opening

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