About Timeblock

timeblock® provides cells with the optimum support for regeneration. It slows down the ageing process right where the process begins – in the DNA – and preserves the fresh, youthful appearance of the skin and body.

The timeblock® brand positions itself on the precious feeling of well-being in a positive, perfectly balanced state of mind & body. This is characterised by a high level of vitality & productivity, as well as radiance, brought about by the body’s energy & efficient metabolic processes. timeblock® users invest the luxury of time for the most important thing in life – themselves!

Smoother, younger looking skin

Clinically proven to reverse your biological age at the cellular level.

Outstanding quality & innovation

Developed using Swiss technology that is reputed throughout the world.

Scientifically proven formula

Exclusively functional, effective products with leading, first class formulas.

Inspired by nature rich nutrients

A gentle freeze-drying process has been matured to maximise the growth of nutrients while also effectively reducing contamination.

timeblock® new natural anti-ageing supplement

Vegan, non-GMO, without artificial colours or preservatives.
It is the right choice for healthier ageing and a more youthful appearance.
Invest in your future, today!


timeblock® new evidence based cosmetics

The timeblock® range of cosmetics has been designed on the back of scientific knowledge to encourage the skin to regenerate independently.
Improvements are not temporary, they are long term!


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